• Today's Readings


    Reflections on the Scripture Readings        Father Glenn

  • Lady of Fatima Statue

      Would you like to invite, Our Lady of Fatima into your home?
    Each week, a parishioner may take the statue into their home for one week.  This is done after the Rosary on Wednesday. 

  • Bp. Barron's Advent Reflections

    • Friends, today’s Gospel passage celebrates the faith of two blind men. To have faith is—to use the current jargon—to live outside the box, risking, venturing, believing the impossible. When we remain...
  • Facebook Live Stream

    Mass is live streamed on Facebook, Tuesday thru Thursday at 7:00 am, and on Sunday at 10:00 am.  For those of you who can not attend Mass, please join us on Facebook.  The link to the St Charles Facebook page is below for your convenience.


  • Adoration

    Perpetual Adoration - 24/7 (Chapel)
    Spiritual reading materials, rosaries, etc., have been placed in the cabinet in the Chapel for your use during Adoration.  Please feel free to use them to enrich your prayerful time with the Lord.  The Chapel is open Monday - Thursday 8 AM to 4 PM and Friday 8 AM to 12 Noon.
    If you wish to come to Adoration after office hours, please register at the administration office.